Fun with Languages

A fun, friendly and interactive way to introduce your child to a second language at an early age

Welcome to Little Linguists!

We make language learning fun! Little Linguists is a small, friendly business offering a wide range of language services both on-line anywhere and face to face across Hertfordshire. We offer classes for really little ones through to GCSE and A levels and beyond. Our main aim is to provide a high level of age appropriate tuition with lots of fun and enthusiasm thrown in.

All our tutors have been interviewed personally and have an enhanced DBS check. They are selected based on a number of criteria to ensure the best match for you. We are also fully insured to work in schools and early years settings.

Find out about our ethos, our classes and what we can offer – follow the links below.

Open Groups: Face-To-Face

Small, fun and lively in person groups – lots of games, songs and activities to help your child learn a second language and develop social and communication skills.

Open Groups: Online

Small, fun and lively groups via Zoom – lots of games, songs and activities to help your child learn a second language and develop social and communication skills.

Private Tuition

1-1 or small group private tuition totally tailored to meet your needs and schedule – on-line and face to face (depending on location) for all ages and levels including primary, secondary, GCSE and A level.

Primary Schools

Small, easy to manage lunchtime and after school clubs bringing fun and a new language to your hobby club timetable - all key stages and full admin support.

Pre-Schools & Day Nurseries

Fun sessions in Spanish and French for the really little ones - lots of games, songs, toys and activities to help the time fly by.

Home Resources

Full range of specialised teaching and learning materials in French and Spanish for young children to support home learning from beginner to strong intermediate level.

Online Tutoring

Fabulous tutors all waiting to help you with your language learning journey. Tailored small group and 1-1 lessons for all ages and levels in most major languages – including GCSE and A level tuition.

Older children & adults

Little Linguists isn’t just for little ones! Our language tutors love teaching all ages and levels. If you or your older child need help with secondary school languages, specialised GCSE or A level support or would like to learn a second language for work or pleasure, we can help you. We can offer private small group or individual tuition on-line or face to face (depending on where you are based).

Older Children

Our team of qualified and experienced tutors provide support in all major languages. The lessons are  tailored to your secondary school child’s needs up to GCSE and A level to provide the maximum benefit and achieve the best grade possible. Grades improve significantly with 1:1 or small group coaching.  


You don’t have to be little to learn languages with Little Linguists! We provide high quality, tailored tuition for adults in all major languages whether you need to socialise for work in Beijing or want to chat to a neighbour in Spain.

Our Languages

Little Linguists makes learning a new language fun for your children. It is an interactive way for your child to start the lifelong process of acquiring a second language. We offer the main European languages plus other world languages on request on a private tuition basis.


“Hola. ¿Cómo estás?”


“Bonjour. Comment allez-vous?”


“Hello, how are you?”
(Primary school support & as a second language)


“Hallo, wie geht's dir?”


“Ciao. Come stai?”


“Ni hao?”

What our customers say…

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Are you a language tutor?

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