About Us

We make language learning so much fun!

About Us

We are language specialists. Little Linguists has been delivering fun and fabulous classes in French and Spanish for just over twenty years now. We started with a small group of children in a village hall in Hertfordshire in 2003 and now, in addition to our face to face open group classes, we also work in primary schools and day nurseries across Hertfordshire in addition to offering superb small group and individual on-line tuition for all ages and levels. We specialise in languages and they are our passion.

Our tutors are fun and enthusiastic about their subject which they speak either as a native speaker or as a near native speaker. Most importantly they love working with young children and make language learning a fun, sociable and enjoyable experience.

Our Languages

Little Linguists makes learning a new language fun for your children. It is an interactive way for your child to start the lifelong process of acquiring a second language. We offer the main European languages plus other world languages on request on a private tuition basis.


“Hola. ¿Cómo estás?”


“Bonjour. Comment allez-vous?”


“Hello, how are you?”
(Primary school support & as a second language)


“Hallo, wie geht's dir?”


“Ciao. Come stai?”


“Ni hao?”

Are you a language tutor?

If you are a native or near native speaker of a major world language, have great communication skills and love working with children and/or adults please click on the button below and find out more about working with us.